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(Archived) Tabs view for Notes and list

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I think that tabs could be a powerful addition to evernote.

I think that both the notes list, and the note view together could be on a tab.

The user could hide or show either if they wanted, but now, per tab.

I have searches that I want to stay up, for instance my work todos, but want to switch quickly back and forth to a specifc note, or new search and back.

Also having a couple of notes open at the same time would be helpful. I can currently open a note in a separate window, but I think that tabs could be better.


It might be easier, and would still cover some of the functionality, if the Separate Notes editor could support tabs. Then you could have a few notes open at once. Still wouldn't support the multiple searches, but would still be an improvement. Also would require the two windows open, I would prefer a single interface.


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