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  1. This is very important functionality, to be able to make a hyperlink in a note to an external url.
  2. Desktop version does work just fine. Mostly I wanted to help test the touch version.
  3. One screen shot is from evernote, one is from skitch. It does the same thing for every image now. I am pretty sure it wasn't doing it earlier. This is interesting, If I Ctrl-drag the image around in skitch it displays as cropped and when I let go of it, it shows the full extents again. Also If I create the note in Skitch (outside of Evernote) it looks fine and once I Markup the image in evernotes internal skitch window, it crops it) Still gets more weird.... If I Pixelate a section of a messed up image, then it will expand some extra canvas space (seemingly outside the area that I am pixelating) and then the image is fixed. I do remember trying the pixelate function at one point. I wasn't able to make another bad image after fixing one.
  4. If I do a screen capture and then markup the image, when I return to evernote, it seems to mess up the location of the image within the canvas. IE in evernote my image is pushed to the lower left side and cut off. It looks fine while editing in skitch. If I save the image from evernote, it is also the cut off image. So to save the image I have to screen capture the skitch window.
  5. Just want to throw out a compliment. The skitch integration has always been a bit flaky, and was gone on the last version, but so far this beta seems to nail it! Nice Work! I love the ability to start an arrow outside of the image and have the canvas auto expand! Nice implementation.
  6. I didn't see this in the forum. Evernote touch opens, and I can see the header of my notes, but if I click on a note Evernote crashes (disappears) Is this a common issue? Should I reinstall or something? I do also have the desktop version installed Windows 8.1, touch installed from the Windows store. Thanks
  7. I'm not sure I fully understand. Are you asking for a toolbar item (similar to New Note, Sync, etc) that brings up your Shortcuts? That's it exactly! It would allow me to maximize the focus on my content ... the idea came to me while I was watching the video announcing the new version.I also like the idea of a drop down for the shortcuts. Might be nice to add a couple other buttons like show left panel. It would be very quick to click the button if you toggle the panel pretty often.
  8. Drag and drop of an image to a detached note window flashes, but doesn't add the image. I can drag the same image to the same note in the main interface. Also Open with. on an image didn't seem to do anything the first time (and just clicked on Open with, because the sub menu wasn't shown) I think now it has populated the menu items, and open with works.
  9. I just noticed this as well Jeez and here I even got caught posting to the old thread.... Sigh. Started from my old bookmark.
  10. Also doesn't work for me. Win7 x 64. I have the NewFrames enabled, and AutoNoteToolbar turned off if it helps. This works for me; I've been using it all along, and just tested it this moment. Win7/64 also. I tried it with those two reg hacks restored to defaults, and it still doesn't insert a Check box. Just to test focus, etc. I tried Ctrl-Shift-"-" to insert horizontal line, and it work fine, but not the check box. I tried it in its own window as well as the main window.
  11. Also doesn't work for me. Win7 x 64. I have the NewFrames enabled, and AutoNoteToolbar turned off if it helps.
  12. Somewhat off the beaten path, but I don't like the Editor tool bar to be there all the time. I tried the registry change mentioned in the forum Set AutoShowNoteToolbar=0. But I notice that there is still a bunch of whitespace where the toolbar was, any chance that could be reduced?
  13. There are excellent tools out there. Bugzilla, Traq, ... you name it. I have raised this several times, I've got no idea why EN sticks to this very unprofessional behaviour. I hope they have at least some revision control in place ... (no, timemachine is NOT a revision control, and yes, I'm being provocative ) I agree that there are much better tools, but even within the forum it could be done much better. Make a dedicated forum for Evernote beta 2. Then have a guide for all forum users that says, please post each individual request as its own topic. Use a descriptive name in the title. This way you could see the actual topics at the top level, and responses would be associated with the topic. I think many users would follow the guidelines if they were there.
  14. Another request: Could the sorting have a secondary choice? Is it currently random? IE I have a list sorted by tags, and I would like the items that have the same tag sorted by modified date. I can't tell how they are currently sorted. Perhaps the default could be by modified date, if there weren't a way to choose.
  15. I like the no frames, and would even go further and allow the search and Icons to fit on the top bar if possible. I rarely use the buttons, and could probably only leave Sync and new note, and would still have room for the search, and menu. I rarely use the menu for that matter, so if it could be shrunk down to just one menu item called menu with the others below. These items would have to be optional for those who don't want to use them, but if the search bar and icons could be dragged up to the top bar during customization that would be awesome. Thanks for putting the time into the Windows Client!!
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