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I was really starting to like evernote, but several things are supremely annoying. When I link to a note, there NEEDS to be an option to either only show notes in that notebook, or an added ability to link to a notebook itself rather then a note (or, as others have stated, a link to a saved search). I was trying to make a TOC for everything in evernote. Since I find the side bar layout annoying, and I don't want shortcuts for every notebook, I was trying to make one notebook called shortcuts (in the shortcuts bar) that had a table of links to other TOC's so it is much easier to locate notes/books. I can't link to individual notes that aren't TOC's because the stupid notelist shows ALL notes rather than only the notes in the notebook of the note I linked to. The way evernote works, when I click on a link to "People" in the main shortcuts table, it takes me to the People TOC where I can easily find EXISTING notes. But if I want to quickly make a new note and add another person, it A) does not automatically add the new note to the notebook of the note I've linked to, but rather the default notebook which is completely useless because the whole purpose is to be able to easily find and add notes to specific notebooks and not have to worry about organizing them, and B). even if I use the annoying side bar to find the notebook, and create a new note, it is not automatically added to the table of contents. Evernote seriously needs to allow more customization ability. EVERYTHING should be 'linkable' (stacks, notebooks,searches, tags, and even specific text so that clicking a link brings you to an exact spot (or point) in a long note rather than the note itself... maybe they could have a "marker" tool where you place a marker in a note and can link to that marker from anywhere, so you would be brought to a specific paragraph); you should be able to sort notes manually rather than using their awful sorting options; when you link to a note, the note list should display only the notes in the current notebook unless otherwise specified; and lastly, sorting options should have the ability to be set differently for different notebooks. In one notebook I may want to sort manually, while another should be alphabetical, and another should be by size etc.

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Which Evernote client are you using? In the Windows client, if you Shift+Click on the notebook dropdown in the note header, the current note filter switches to that notebook. Also in the Windows client, you can now sort different notebooks, tags, or saved searches individually, which will override the global setting.

Aside from that, please try to put feature requests into their own separate topics so that they may be voted on individually.  In addition, if they pertain to individual Evernote clients, you should consider putting them into the Product Feedback subforum of that that particular client.

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