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Why did "Share" from Chrome stop saving full articles?

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Why was there a decrease in functionality? When I click "share" in Chrome: 

OLD, better functionality: the elephant pops up and says "Saving full article" and then actually saves the full article, like this: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAFmpoHR5N5FsaEpd90_8fAq2Tou3AwXvnk

NEW, crappy functionality: the elephant pops up and says "Creating new note with text" , brings me to the app and only saves a link and a screenshot of the webpage I'm looking at, like this: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAGvw598lwFNnL9H7yFxSDR8TmxsR5e7phM I also have to press the Back button or the note is not saved, meaning 3 clicks to save my article. The whole point of Evernote is to "Remember Everything". If I wanted a screenshot, I could do that by pressing the power and home buttons!  Who made this decision? 

Android Chrome 53.0.2785.124

Android 5.0.0

Galaxy S5

Evernote 7.9.5

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