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(Archived) Encrypting a table - sooo many linebreaks added



It seems every time I open (decrypt) a note that has a table in it (the actual table is encrypted), several linebreaks are added to each cell.

What used to be like one line of text per row, has now turned into the row being almost as high as my entire screen, that's quite a lot of scrolling if I have to get down to row 10...

And there doesn't seem to be any easy way of removing them, except deleting linebreaks from every cell manually (and there are 4 columns, so quite a lot of cells I have to go through).

Anyone else experienced this?

Edit: I have tried to do without a table and simply have a tab-based list, like this:

Header #1 Header #2

Content #1 Content #2

But after encrypting and decrypting it, it now looks like this:

Header #1 Header #2

Content #1 Content #2

Something seems to be wrong...?

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Yes I also experience it but it's not a table. Mine is just a note of text. The issue seems to happen only when you have an entire note encrypted. I sent in a bug report but my workaround was to make a short text line that is not encrypted in the top of the note and then encrypt the rest and it seems to be working acceptably well for now.

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The workaround didn't work for me.

I have a number of lines of plain text that I'm encrypting. Whenever I make a small change to the content, and then sync, I ended up with extra line breaks all over the place. Edit even one character again, and all the line breaks double again. It becomes an exponential problem and completely unmanageable.

I just spent 30 minutes cleaning up this text, only to have it happen again. I hope someone fixes this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I pointed Evernote support to this thread and they replied like this:

Hi *****,

Sorry you are having problems. In Evernote go help>check for updates and update the application. This should solve the problem, most of the bugs fixed in this release. Let us know how that works for you.

Hope this helps!



Evernote Support

I was actually not even using the newest version, I was using 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 is out - so I'll give that a try and see if it helps, though the 1.8.2 release notes doesn't mention anything, but it still might have been solved.

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I got the update to 1.8.2 today. Tried an edit and then sync. Looks like a portion of the problems were fixed. I still have a problem where in the places where I have a blank line (as a separator), turns into double that after a sync. (and then double again, and double again, etc, etc).

So progress, and close, but no cigar...

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The problem also applies to just regular text, not in tables.

I have some text seperated with a few tabs. When I click on the "decrypt" button to decrypt my text and edit it, it's fine (at first). Then if I activate another window, like Firefox or whatever, the decrypted text hides again behind the "******"-button, clicking the button now and boom - linebreaks will have multiplied 4 or 5 times.

It's insanely useless to encrypt notes when it mess up linebreaks THIS BAD.

Update: I don't know if it's only because linebreaks are used as delimiter, but I found that when I removed all linebreaks (including the ones that has to be there), and then created new linebreaks and simply put a "-" as delimiter instead of a linebreak, then multiple linebreaks are not added later. Yet, at least.

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