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Workchat notification in Windows desktop app

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I'm a new user on this forum and I saw this topic had been discussed before. Maybe I didn't do a good search but I couldn't find an answer to if this is already possible.

What I would like, and wonder if you can, is to temporarily disable workchat notifications. Is that possible? It would be nice to be sure these notifications doesn't pop up during a presentation for example. Otherwise I think the workchat works well and is very handy.

Ok, thanks!


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In the Help menu choose "Go to My Account Page." It will open your Evernote Account Settings in a web page in your browser. Once it opens, choose "Personal Settings" and uncheck "Work Chats I receive" option in the "I would like Evernote to notify me about:" submenu in the Emails sub-section. I think that should stop Evernote from notifying you about incoming Work Chats.    

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