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I love the function "annotations summary" from Evernote. Every important informations from a PDF I mark with the yellow highlighter, and after closing the PDF, Evernote shows me the summary of the sentences I highlighted! Awesome. Now, I want to to the same with webpages (clipped with web clipper on Safari) or a regular note. I can highlight it, but stays only on the document, without a summary of this highlighted information. I know that is possible to convert this annotations into PDFs itself, but I have problems trying to convert a clipped webpage to a PDF in Evernote.

Is there a way to see an "annotations summary" of the highlighted information of from non-PDF-documents?




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Hi. AFAIK there's two possibilities:  either

  1. copy all annotations into another note,  note-linked to and from the main document,  or
  2. use an online service to convert the page to PDF (search "web page to pdf converter" - I got 4M hits...) and annotate as normal.

In case (1) you could merge the two notes once annotations are complete,  or keep a 'master' note for all annotations to link each individual edit back to whichever document it came from...  useful (forinstance) for compiling quotations.

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