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Dear Evernote Team,

I am a regular user of Evernote note-taking app for all my platforms namely, Windows PC, Andriod cell and iPad. I also use Penultimate for its cause on my iPad. I have a suggestion overt the note-taking app. Is it possible to incorporate LaTeX in Evernote to take care of mathematics also.

I think this would an innovative change as none of the note-taking apps present now has this feature and it would be helpful for spreading the reach of Evernote more into the Academia.

Awaiting your reply.


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As much as I'd LOVE for this new feature to happen, I'm not sure how high of a priority it should be. The note editor has so many glitches (copy/paste, backspace/delete, check boxes, font sizing, printing, font display, etc.) that they should probably fix those things first... but I am a relatively new Evernote user and it sounds to me like there is a tendency for adding new features instead of making older features bulletproof.

Have you considered using something like Overleaf for LaTeX note-taking?

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