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Camera scanning out of focus

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I like using the option of being able to scan business cards, post-it notes, etc. within Evernote with my phone camera. The problem is though, that as soon as I press the shutter, it goes out of focus and consequently can't read the writing.

I have disabled multishot, then it works but that's not a huge help when scanning business cards directly to contacts, which is what I do (or would do) most with this feature.

Is there anything I can do or try? I've looked through the forums here but I couldn't find a solution that would work.

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Hello @finnporter,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting. A couple of bits of information that I would like to obtain from you on this.

  • Name of the device
  • Version of the Evernote application that is installed
  • Version of Android on the device


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Hi @Matt W.,

I'm running Android 6.0 on a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and my Evernote is at 7.7.1

Afaik that's all up to date. Any ideas on what would work?

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Seems like you are up to date on this. I would like to convert this into a support ticket to get a log and have us further look into this.

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