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How to get Penultimate to stop tracking notes in Evernote

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I use Penultimate to take notes and sync it into my Evernote client via the default notebook "Penultimate". Once in Evernote, I then move those notes around to one of 20 different notebooks, emptying the Penultimate notebook.

Every time I do this, my Penultimate app then synchronizes all those 20 Notebooks onto the App, essentially 'tracking' all notes created with the App. I DO NOT want Penultimate to track the notes once i have taken them out of the default Penultimate notebook.

Is there a way to stop it from tracking all notes made with the App?


many thanks,


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Maybe this will help you...

As a test, I created a new Notebook in Penultimate named TempFolder.  There-in I created an unnamed note with content.  Sync'd Penultimate to Evernote and I see the newly created TempFolder notebook, and the note.  In Evernote I moved the note from TempFolder notebook to a different notebook that resides in a stack named Archive (Archive holds all older Evernote Notebooks I wish to keep, but don't need at top level).  

Sync'd Evernote and then sync'd Penultimate

The note remains in the Archive stack in Evernote.  Both the TempFolder notebook and the note no longer appear in Penultimate.  I now have a copy of the note saved and archived in Evernote that is no longer being tracked by the Penultimate app.

So one step more..  I moved the note to another notebook named TempOffline and after sync, both the note and the TempOffline notebook are now in Penultimate.  hmmm...    Dragged the note in Evernote and dropped it on the Archive stack..  sync and it and TempOffline notebook are now gone from Penultimate.  Only challenge is that when I drag/drop to the Archive stack, Evernote files the unnamed note in the first sub-notebook (I assume stacks can only contain notebooks, not notes.  This may or may not work for you.


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