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[Saved Searches] crossed out





"Saved search" is crossed out and can not be selected.

Desktop EN:

  • renamed
  • deleted, created with same name
  • deleted, created with another name
  • favorized "saved search"

Web beta EN

  • all new saved searches appear strikethrough
  • favorized "saved search" appears, but isn't functional


  • Desktop EN v5.9.6.9494
  • Chrome v48
  • Firefox v44
  • Web beta: crossed out
  • Web old: works

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I'm getting exactly the same problem.

Some of my saved searches include a notebook search (e.g. notebook:Timeline). I haven't changed that notebook at all, however now some of them are crossed out and say 'the Notebook for this search has been renamed or moved'. Even though it hasn't.

Searches work totally fine in Windows and Android client.

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Had exactly the same problem, and found a solution, which I'm also including below for convenience.

Go to your Evernote on a client where you can edit saved searches (Windows for me), edit all the searches, and make sure that notebook name is quoted in the search (and also, possibly, with all proper letter cases).


I found this solution by first creating a search from the web-beta interface, it looked like this:

notebook:"Mynotebook" tag:1-now

All the crossed-out searches (despite working totally fine on Windows) looked like this:

notebook:Mynotebook tag:1-now

or even like this (note the lower-case 1st letter):

notebook:mynotebook tag:1-now

After editing saved searches and synchronizing, they all appear (and work) just fine in the beta web-interface.

If you cannot edit your searches right now, there is another workaround: all the saved searches work fine for me from the Shortcuts menu (a star in the left panel).


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