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Feature request: Handwriting in Evernote for iPad


You should be the ability to draw inside of a note (not inside of an image or pdf) like in the android version. It should be in iOS without the use of Penultimate.

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Hi all,


As we think about handwriting capabilities and consider adding such features in the Evernote for iOS app, we wanted to get your feedback.


Specifically, we'd like to know how and when you would use handwriting, what situations would you switch from typing to handwriting, what kind of handwriting/sketching/etc. do you think you would do in the app? What feature expectations do you have for handwriting within Evernote? How would your usage differ between iPhone and iPad? How would you expect handwritten notes to behave in non-iOS Evernote clients?


I appreciate any thoughts you're willing to share on the this topic. This will help us prioritize and design features that are right for our users.


Please note: I've pinned "Request: Handwriting in Evernote for iOS" to the top of this forum and would appreciate feedback directly in that thread.




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