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Merging Notes


I use the web version of Evernote at work and merging multiple notes into one is a feature I use multiple times a day.  I did not find that feature in the new web beta and had to switch back to old version.  I love Evernote and other than email it is the most used app for me.  I like the "old" web version and use it more than the Windows app.  To much function was removed on the beta and it is not as usable.  Please learn from what Microsoft did with Windows 8 and remember there are different people who use your app in different ways, so you may need to have multiple interfaces, don't force people to use things that do not work for them or they will find other apps that will.


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I echoed that "Merging Notes" is an important feature that I used daily. Furthermore, I missed the multiple select, batch move, batch delete etc.


However, I must admit that I like the new web UI design generally. It just needs more functional features.

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