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ios [Feature Request] Quick notes 'bin'


Hey guys, 

        I love the product! I have an idea: how about a quick notes 'bin'? What does that even mean? Well, I use many notebooks and stacks to stay organized but sometimes I need to take a note on the fly so I'll open my evernote and take a note but I'll probably be in some notebook not related to the note I'm taking (ex: taking down a note about 'work' in my 'shopping' notebook). I was thinking it'd be cool to have a button to take a 'quick note' that places it in a 'bin' or 'inbox' (not called a 'notebook' so as not to confuse). This means it's in a queue or in a place where you can later easily file it in the right place. Just an idea and thanks for the awesome product!

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A user can already set up something somewhat similar to this on their own. At least, I've got a system that vaguely approximates this. 

I have a notebook called .inbox (the . keeps it at the top!). This is my default notebook. It is a temporary location. Nothing lives permanently in this notebook. It's a landing pad, a "bin" if you prefer.


Because this is my default notebook, whenever I use one of the quick note buttons in iOS (one of the 5 round buttons on the home screen of the Evernote application) to say, take a "quick note", it will always end up in the .inbox notebook. 


Once an item is in .inbox, I can act on it and delete it, or tag it and place appropriately it in one of my few notebooks. 


So, as I said at the outset, .inbox is only ever a temporary location. Whenever I need to (sometimes every couple of days, sometimes a couple times per hour, depending on what I'm doing), I'll go through the .inbox and put whatever has accumulated there into their appropriate notebooks and tags, or delete them if they are no longer needed. I keep very few notebooks, so this isn't normally too onerous. 

Because this happens reasonably often, the .inbox is usually always empty or close to empty, at least by the end of the day once I've proceed anything that's been put in there. 


This has a number of advantages:

1) If an email sent to evernote fails to be placed in the correct Notebook, it ends up predictably in the .inbox, and since there are usually VERY few notes in there at any given time, it's easy to find and file appropriately

2) It means I can rapid-fire content into Evernote from email, the clipper, the menubar helper, and the quick note links (in iOS) without spending any time selecting a notebook, then go into Evernote and focus on organizing them. Again, since .inbox is not a permanent home, only things I just added will be there. EASY! 

3) Any quick notes I make that I might need to retrieve very soon are right there in the very first notebook I see, and are not buried under hundreds of notes. .inbox is right there at the top and contains only a few notes, so it is easy to retrieve a quickly made note in a short period of time. 

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