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android Why I downgrade from v.5.9 back to v.5.8

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Yes, the new version solves the old problem of running on phones without menu button.

But new problems make this improvement not worth it:


1. Difficult to navigate tags fully with single hand


Yes, now the parent tag can have longer name, but:


to call out the left hiden pane, you need the left hand;

to access a nested tag, you need the right hand.

(my phone is 4.7'')


2. Difficult to navigate effectively without touching the big-green button on bottom right 


The "new note" button, like an ugly freckle on a girl's face, simply contaminates the navigation area, not only aesthetically but also functionally.

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Recent updates of Android and Windows version are all very dissappointing.


It has been a year since I gave up iOS verision of EN.

Don't always blame users for sticking to old habits.
If you do have really good innovations, they would be recognized.


IE stayed at the same place for almost 10 years until Chrome was launched.

Currently EN seems to be repeating the history. 


Your boss Phil Libin should put more time in listening to users' voice, rather than simply consulting the guy in the mirror, innovating for innovating, and complaining to Tim Cook for tight control of iOS.

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Just tried v.5.9 on my Android pad briefly, and found that


following the iPad version, the List view of Android version is now ruined by the EN team:


1. Only by sorting by title, the notes could be presented in list view.


2. In the list view mode,


a. the 10-chareacter date is put before the title, and


b. the title would not be wrapped but truncated when it's longer than the screen width


c. some tag names are displayed on the note titles (apparently bug)


3. Significantly wide margin for displaying the note.




In fact, when I first saw v.5.9, the color theme similar to iOS version appeared to be an ominous sign.

Later experience of a mess confirmed the feeling.


With its current monoply position, EN is heading elegantly and innovatively toward rejection of users.


Good luck guys.

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