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ios iOS Sort By Tags

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Definitely need a sort by tag feature in the iOS version of Evernote.  The latest Windows version allows me to already do this.  Why not have the same functionality in all of the Evernote clients...


One of the reasons I would like this is because I try to use Evernote for GTD (Getting Things Done).  There is a great primer on how to use GTD inside Evernote at http://www.thesecretweapon.org      .... that marriage between the two only works inside of the Windows version and not on the iOS versions of Evernote.





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Couldn't agree more!

Lovely Evernote peeps. Oh PULEEEASE give us an iOS version that works with GTD planning like the Mac or PC app does!

I'm not that interested in pretty colours or whether the app can 'intuitively' guess what I want to do next. It hasn't got it right yet!? I just want it to do what my PC app does and let me organise my life. So please, stop wasting time on what shade of green to use and just give me something that works.


1. Sort by tags and allow all other column sortings too

2. Show all my carefully nested tags in all their hierarchical gorgeousness

I use The Secret Weapon GTD system. It's superb, it's designed exclusively for the Evernote app, it's free and it's here http://www.thesecretweapon.org ....... and no, I don't work for them.


I've just checked your much publicised web version and the above options aren't available on there either. What are you thinking!? Reduce function but make it pretty? Please find the person who thinks this is a great idea and give him another job.

So, Evernote iOS and web designers, try a little reverse engineering. Go to the Secret Weapon site and make your next iPad/web app work with their system... which already works with the EN desktop apps. <sigh>

Simples... :-)



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