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ios !Notebook Folders!


This has been raised before, but the search wouldn't find it,so here goes again. Simple but vital request: Please match Evernote folders in Penultimate. I have work notebooks and personal notebooks etc in Penultimate, and it's trauma to scroll through them all. In Evernote, I have moved them all to relevant folders, but in penultimate, every notebook is separate. Why is it different? What is the design principle that says it works to have folders and subfoldesrs in Evernote, but not in Penultimate? Come on, seriously!!! 

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General +1 for me on this topic.


I too use Penultimate for both work and leisure, and would like a means of saving Penultimate notebooks into the proper notebook (i.e. folder) in Evernote.  If I'm journaling for personal use, I'd like to put that Penultimate notebook in a separate Evernote location than say, notes from a design meeting at work.

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