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ios Feature request: Anotate PDFs in an easier way


When annotating a PDF, and after you press the annotate/edit button you are transfered to the begining of the document.


Works fine with small documents, but when you have 100 page PDF, it's quite tedious to navigate back to the page you where reading to do the annotation. 


If you just annotate where you're reading it will be a greater tool.


Also, is quite inconsistent that while reading you pass the page by swiping horizontaly, but in edit mode you have to do it verticaly. Is this a conscious design decision or its just an accident.



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I think this is just a shortcoming of Evernote's PDF and Annotation integration. As someone in academia, annotating PDFs is my bread and butter. Evernote is pretty bad at this if the PDF is more than a couple pages, and 100% of the PDFs I encounter are more than a couple of pages. Needless to say I pretty much never use Evernote for PDF related tasks. 


I think this comes down to a few things:

1) Current PDF and annotation handling works great for a particular workflow which is providing feedback on screenshots and PDF-ified versions of things not exceeding a few pages. I think, in this case, it works very well. This is not my personal use case, however. 

2) PDF-related tasks in Evernote and especially on mobile are relatively new addition to Evernote's featureset. As such, we can expect that these features will be refined and perhaps expanded over time. However, until this happens, Evernote is not a great tool for multi-page PDFs. 



I recommend a combination of Dropbox (or other cloud service) and a dedicated PDF reader. On iOS, my favourite is (my personal favourite) PDF Expert 5 from Readdle ($9 and worth every penny). The same company also makes the app Documents (Free and really great if you don't need to do things like sign your PDFs). These allow for basic (both apps) and much more advanced (PDF Expert) PDF annotation and editing features, real-time sync with cloud services, and both perform very well with large documents. 


Others are GoodReader, which is more complex from a UI standpoint (without any major functional benefits over PDF Expert). It is also a well regarded PDF reader and annotator with cloud tie-ins. 

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