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ios PDF's not appearing on iPhone

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Since the IOS 7 updates, all of the pdf's I have in evernote are invisible. My apps are up to date, my phone IOS is up to date. I just bought an iPhone 5s to replace the iPhone 4s I was using - thinking this might solve the problem. Nope.


On my iPad evernote seems to work fine. PDF's have a 'click to download' button to view content. Unfortunately, on my iPhone the notes are blank - and I use my iPhone much more and this has made evernote nearly useless for me in the field. 


One trick I did figure out is that in the note preview I can see there is pdf content. If I email the note to myself, I can then open the pdf from the email and read the content on my phone. This is a cumbersome work around. 


However this has also exaserbated problems I already have with Evernote's recent 'improvements'. For instance, in attempting to find and open a pdf on the iPhone, I held my thumb down on the note where it should be. After a while the curser appears (which is not what I want). If I accidentally type a letter and then backspace - the PDF is deleted from the note on all platforms. A PDF I can't even see is permanently deleted. Not nice. 


I don't get the feeling that the IOS improvements have been thoroughly tested, or that they are so buggy as to not be reliable anymore. I really like the concept of evernote and have used it extensively over the years, and I would love to make it usable again.



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Me too. iOS7 and my evernote is up to date.
I cannot see PDF files. And I lost some PDF file :( 
Please check or tell me how to fix this. Thank you

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