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windows 8 (Archived) checkboxes in metroapp

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I've just got a Surface pro and started to use evernote. But I can't seem to find the checkboxes in the evernote touch app. It's the feature I like most about evernote so I'm disapointed that it's missing. Are evernote working on getting the checkboxes to the metroapp?

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Every OS has some differences in features and layout - usually because of lack of support in the OS,  or sheer difficulty of coding.  Evernote always tries to improve features to the max,  but doesn't publish or discuss their road map. Meantime workarounds are usually:  

  • switch to a version that does support the features you need
  • create notes without that feature and edit them elsewhere
  • try an alternative layout (in this case like "[x]")
  • keep an eye out for updates/ upgrades - they're usually along pretty frequently...
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