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firefox Clipping PDFs with FFs PDF Viewer


Can anyone tell me what plug-in, viewer, something, works in Firefox with the Evernote clipper?  As it is, when I try to clip a PDF, in the resulting note I get:  


"Thumbnails Document Outline

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Presentation Mode Print Download [link to view/download PDF]
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Obviously, not the PDF.  Yes, I can download the PDF and import it, but then I lose the URL.  

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The HTML5 PDF Viewer seems to work quite nicely:




It's a no-restart extensioin, and even works under SeaMonkey. I just tested against Webclipper for Firefox 5.8.293482, and it worked as expected (under openSUSE 12.3, SeaMonkey 2.20 - I modify Webclipper to run under SeaMonkey, but none of my tweaks impact basic functionality one way or the other).


I accessed the pdf in a browser tab, started the web clipper, clipped the PDF by clicking the button in the web clipper, and then viewed it. It opened in a new browser window, looking just as I had expected it to look, with a handy link at the top to the original file.



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