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  1. I'm pretty much using Zotero for everything now. I spent a weekend figuring things out and digging around for specific solutions. But I spent many more hours trying to adjust my workflow to Evernote's "upgrades," so I'm ahead of the game since now I'm getting stuff done. There's no "import" for notes from Evernote, but that always created a mess when I tried it anyway. Now, Evernote is a container for my last many years of work -- as I migrate it to Zotero. And I don't need a premium account for that. Once my Evernote note count is down to zero, it's gone. Interestingly, I hardly use Zotero for its intended purpose as a citation manager, since it's not really set up for genealogy cites. But at some point I will probably tweak the CSL to handle that, too. ?
  2. Got the email notification today, "Notice anything different about us?" YAY! They're fixing stuff! Um, no. A lot of words. A lot of words about stuff I couldn't care less about. Stopped in here to see what the conversation might be about the Big Reveal -- and really no surprises here. I'll continue my migration to Zotero. Sorry, Evernote, but your new paint job doesn't do a thing for my "focus" and, frankly, it just pisses me off that you're bragging about the extensive resources put into a pretty package. Give me an ugly package that WORKS!
  3. I've got 6.7.6. It is stable as far as I've been able to tell, but I've not used it much since the "upgrade" as I'm working on replacing it.
  4. Pile of **** is exactly right. There was a REASON I was using an old version and that hasn't changed. Now I've had to "upgrade" to just use the stupid thing. Downgrade is more like it. Thirty seconds and I'm ready to just uninstall it and spend the next month implementing a new way to organize my research. Tons of word processing documents would be better -- at least I could have some basic control over those. And a search in Windows Explorer is exponentially faster than searching in Evernote. All this time I thought it was my old computer, but having finally managed to replace it, I now know it really is a problem with Evernote. On the other hand, I get a lot of housework done while waiting. I had suspended trying to find a replacement because reverting to an older version was working just fine. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for Evernote and, frankly, I'm not buying the "security risk" *****. There's been too much messing around, failure to listen to users, and hiding the ball on the part of TPTB for me to believe anything they say at this point. This "required" version is *****, too many people weren't using it, so they came up with a way to make it happen. At this point, Evernote should be paying us.
  5. I did try that, but it didn't fix it. The content of those notes is gone. I agree that the offerings available in the wild are sparse as far as features. But Evernote's features aren't working as advertised or expected, so it's really not All That And A Bag Of Chips anymore. For myself, I'd much rather have fewer features and and fewer surprises. I've reverted to 6.5 and am happy (mostly) for now. I had forgotten what a mess restoring an .enex file is -- everything getting dumped into the "imported notes" notebook and almost 400 notes that couldn't be restored, but couldn't be identified, either. So I'm in the process of syncing probably close to 11GB of data. That's going to be a mess -- my broadband access is very limited. BUT CTRL+Space actually does what it's supposed to do. :-) I was grossly negligent in not reading the forums before I upgraded. Now that I have, I realize it wasn't just me when my search didn't seem to work as before. Or when the PDF functionality was "weird." Or when the simplify/remove formatting didn't seem to do anything. Evernote not only didn't fix the known issues that have been the topic of discussion for years, they introduced all new problems and not by accident, either. I laughed when I got the "let us know what you think" email a couple of months ago. Why did they even bother? They know from the forums what people think, and don't care. It's the kind of thing I would expect from a new, evolving, free open source program, not a professionally developed program that I'm paying for. And I did see a comment at some point along the lines of "what do you expect for $70 a year?" Since Evernote set the price, I expect it to work!
  6. It seems from this thread that 6.5 is the best version to revert to? Along with all the other "improvements" I now have data loss -- notes that show the proper size, but are, in fact, empty. Seems to be hit and miss as to which ones Evernote has decided I don't need. Just renewed Premium subscription a couple of months ago. Won't be doing it again -- actively working on alternatives. There's nothing "convenient" about wasted time trying to recreate lost data.
  7. Sorry for the late response, but I wasn't notified of replies. THANK YOU!!!!
  8. I made the mistake of updating to I was hoping for speed improvements as the blue swirly is getting boring. None of that, but my very first note with the update is not behaving at ALL as I would expect and I don't have time to re-learn this program. It seems the keyboard shortcuts and tables have been "improved", though that's not the word I would choose to use. Where can I find previous versions of the program and which is the version before all the "enhancements" that have totally trashed my workflow?
  9. I have several notes with the local file URL in the note information area. I have no idea how I managed this. I don't *think* I did it manually. I'm hoping it was automatically added some how, but I've tried several ways -- drag and drop, import directory -- but the hyperlink field is empty. How can I get this information added automatically when the note is created? I know how to copy/paste the URL -- I'd like to streamline the process. Thanks!
  10. The file names, with the exception of the "(1)" are different and not limited to jpgs. There are also pdfs, odts, etc.
  11. I did go through the help articles to try to find a way to do this. The only fact certain is the "(1)" in the title. The rest of the title/file name is variable. The fact that special characters are stripped pretty much answers my question, though I don't understand why this would be necessary. Thanks!
  12. I have a lot of duplicate notes that are designated with "file.jpg" "file(1).jpg" "file(2).jpg" I've been sorting by size and finding them that way, and trashing the dups. But it's taking a long time as they're listed with thousands of other notes. I've tried several intitle searches, but nothing's working. Logically, I'm thinking intitle:(1) or intitle:"(1)" should bring up the "ones" so I can find the others, but it's only resulting in SOME notes with "1" in them -- definitely not all. And none of the notes with "(1)" in the title. Is there a way I can tweak this search to find notes with "(1)" in the title?
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