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laura jane

ios (Archived) wrist turns page when writing -- is there a way to prevent this?

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As I'm writing (I use a JotPro to write), if my wrist drags or gets too close to the iPad, penultimate will flip to the next page, or sometimes multiple pages ahead. 


This is 1) super annoying 2) kindof defeats the purpose of being able to trade fluid pen/paper writing for fluid tablet/stylus writing. 


Can I lock the page or... ?


Help, pls!


Thanks :)

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I use the same stylus, and I used to have this problem. Here is my remedy:


1) Sad but true, you must switch off Multitasking Gestures in the Settings of the iPad. Penultimate just doesn't work without it.

2) Lock the orientation of the iPad upside down - this prevents palming the home button, which is frustrating.

3) Set "Tool On Top" in Penultimate's setting to On - This is the key one for preventing accidental page turns, as the page turning areas are now out of reach of your palm

4) Turn "Wrist Protection" on in Penultimate's settings, and select your writing style from the "Wrist Position" menu

5) With this set up, you can keep your wrist resting on the screen at all times. At first, I would practice keeping your wrist down firmly - This will prevent Penultimate from mistaking your wrist for the Jot. It will feel a bit unnatural, but after a few times of trying - call if an hour or two of writing time - you will get the knack.


It works a treat for me now, but if you are struggling, post back and I will try and help.

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