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productivity Introducing ENPower - lighting quick access to your Evernote note, notebook, tag,search!

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Are you an Evernote users on iOS? Introducing our latest app: ENPower - lighting quick access to your Evernote note, notebook, tag,search!

ENPower allows you to be more efficient with your Evernote account on your iOS devices! Create home screen shortcut, in-app shortcut and QR codes shortcut that enables you to access your Evernote notes, notebooks, tags quickly!

ENPower also supports the Paperless Lifestyle through the innovative use of QR Code! Ever lost the user manual of your washing machine when you want to fine tune the settings? Now with Evernote and ENPower, these are the things of the past. Simply just upload your user manual pdf into Evernote, Use ENPower to create and print the QR code to the note. When you want to access it, simply use the in-built QR scanner in ENPower to bring you to your user manual. No more wasting of time trying to find your user manual! Now, they are just under your fingerprints! 

What are you waiting for? ENPower can be downloaded from the link below!


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There are various ways to use this as a companion to Evernote. 

One good way is the following: 

1) Create a set of shortcut using ENPower that has a common theme eg, your babies first speech! 

2) Place the shortcut on your home screen

3) From there you will be able to use spotlight to search for the shortcut!

This provides you with a quick and deep integration between Evernote and your iOS device! 

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Good news! ENPower's latest update has been approved by Apple!

In this update, we make the search for note faster by retrieving the necessary info only. 

For those who have not download, please do so as the app has been improved in term of user experience!

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ENPower Tip: 

Remembering things at heart. 


Recently, my grandma has an medical appointment due (28 March). I was supposed to pick her and accompany her. However, she call me yesterday (27 March) and screamed at my ear asking why I did not pick her up). I had already created a ENPower home screen shortcut prior to this as this is very important to me. 


As she was screaming in my ear, I tap on the shortcut and the Evernote app launched and I took a look at the note. I told her gently and confidently that it is on the 28th since Evernote remembers everything!


Anyone has any similar scenarios?


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I just downloaded app for ios.... instructions were not clear. Took me 25 minutes to get the link to point to a specific note inside a specific notebook.

I did not understand that you must use the title of a specific note when setting up. I previously tried to set up the shortcut to only the notebook.

App appears to require the specific note.

Works fine now.

Thanks for the product, will provide a review in iTunes.



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Hi Splatt, Thanks for the feedback. If you send us an email at feedback@apptreme.com, we will be happy to find out more so as to improve the app for you and others


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