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other Evernote as a Dream Journal

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With all the talk about using Evernote as a surrogate memory I haven't seen anyone really mention using Evernote to remember their dreams. As everyone knows and has experienced, dreams are the most fleeting of memories and are very difficult to remember. For a time I used to write down my dreams in a blank journal book, but as I started to use Evernote to store and catalog my notes and experiences I figured why not do the same for my dreams. I still use a notebook to copy down my dream once I wake up because staring at a bright screen when you wake up is painfully annoying and distracting when trying to remember details. Once I have all my details written down I will then create a new note in Evernote and store it there. Once it is in Evernote I don't have to worry about losing it or forgetting it. Plus since it is digital I can take advantage of features that I couldn't with a physical copy, like searching for specific details, or determining correlations between dreams.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that having a dream journal is immensely rewarding. For the first time in a long time I can remember my dreams. Read old dream entries takes me back to the dream and I can almost remember it as vividly as the moment it happened. With Evernote I can work with my dreams and get more out of them.

I also included the template I use for my notes should any others want to start logging their dreams.


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Revisiting the topic.

Another way you can use Evernote to help build your dream journal is to create a table of contents for your dreams.

In older versions of the Evernote PC client one of the note details you could fill in was "subject date". I store the dream's date in the subject date section and sort my notes based on that to give me a chronological view of the dreams I recorded. However, Evernote removed that feature in later updates.

Now I use note links instead. I created a seperate note with a two column table and copied the note links into the note. Now not only do I have a chronological view of when my dreams took place, but I also have instant one-click access to each dream note.

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I just began using Evernote as a Dream Journal last month and use a table created in the first page of the notebook to organize my dreams. On the table I record a note link to the dream and specific words or phrases that I tag each note with so I can sort them along with the date the dream occured. For the dreams themselves, I just record in detailed story form on a new note for each specific dream.

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