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Reggie Chan

Version 8.0 camera scanner & Business Card notes


The version 8.0 business card note is even less functional than the previous versions.  In previous versions in iOS it was easier to make modifications and additions to fields and in even older versions you could make desktop modifications and it would still sync.  So far, I can still make desktop modifications on the mac desktop but not on windows.

Could you please bring back the old business card functionality?  If I can't add in annotations, except via the phone, it becomes extremely inefficient.  I would roll back to a previous version if I could.  I don't buy the excuse that you can't get it to sync with the phone fields, because clearly this still works for the Mac Desktop and used to work on Windows.

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I am having similar frustrations.  3 very important business card features now seem to be GONE!  (iPad)

1) Can no longer add the back of a card

2) Can no longer crop/edit and image

3) All the cards I scanned in today are not searchable outside of the text fields.  There seems to be no more OCR search on newly scanned cards. Really!!??  That functionality was HUGE!

If all 3 of those functions are indeed gone and never to return that would be a deal breaker for me and I will have to stop using EN and find a new solution.

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