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Currently, there is a "hack" for notes that allows you to arrange them in any order you choose, with a super intuitive drag-and-drop. PLEASE make this a standard feature!

The 'hack' allows you to take all notes in a notebook (or as many as you so choose), drop them in a reminder, and BAM, the order you want them is is stickied to the top of the notebook and editable at will. This allows the ultimate flexibility, especially for notebooks, because it sometimes people don't want 'INBOX' above 'PROJECTS' and below 'HOME.'

Using renaming hacks is not intuitive, and makes thisng difficulty every time you add a new notebook. Drag and drop is super intuitive AND already available in other programs! (Like OneNote and ToDoIst).

Please make it happen!

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I agree completely.  I am paying for premium service and I can't arrange my notes in any order as I choose.  Drag and drop should be an easy thing to achieve on Evernote's end.  I will not continue to use this Premium feature if you don't fix this.





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