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Progress Bar/Meter


Hello Evernote community! This post will be summarising a brief idea of a Progress bar/meter.

The idea-

I have an idea that most of you would probably already know about from the talk here. So as the title suggests, I am thinking of some sort of feature which allows the user to create a progress bar/meter. This progress bar/meter could be able to be updated by the single click of a button, or should be configurable (e.g. Customising the style of the bar, How much of the bar turns green each time the button is clicked, etc...).


Reasons for this feature to be added-

Having the option to include a progress bar/meter allows users to monitor their progress of a variety of tasks or goals. This bar can be helpful to those who wants a quick, visual and brief summary (As discussed in the video mentioned here) of their task quickly. The bar would be very aesthetically pleasing, especially to those who enjoy having diagrams and images instead of words, numbers, or text. The bar would also be a very nice feature to those who just want to monitor their goals, whether it is a long or a short term goal.


And that's about all I have to say! If any one from the Evernote team does read, or reply to this suggestion, I'd hope you would consider adding this feature into Evernote.

Thank you!

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I'm also very interested in the progress bar feature...Please see the attached file for a todo list with a dynamic progress bar

Progress bar.JPG

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Would be awesome to have this
It could also show the progress in the preview


Trello has a good example for this



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It would be especially useful for To Do lists where without even opening it, you could see completed status of various tasks in a certain note. It should looks like above replies. As soon as a "Checkbox" is inserted, the meter appear beside the note title in the note list and a "task status" bar just below the style bar.

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