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  1. balint

    Grammarly within Evernote

    we need this. just realized I did a grammar mistake on my podcast after copying my intro into WP today... too late
  2. Hi, I have several folders shared via my team but they can't find those notes from Slack. Any Solutions? BTW. I believe the only place that can find the shared folders when the user does a search is the desktop app. Seemingly doesn't work from browser either, haven't tested phone.
  3. balint

    Progress Bar/Meter

    Would be awesome to have this It could also show the progress in the preview . Trello has a good example for this
  4. balint

    Evernote for Windows 6.5 GA Released

    Since the last update it is more difficult to make a global search. There is no exit for the search inside of a notebook. I use quite a few notebooks and search a lot global (in all notebooks). http://prntscr.com/epsyi9 Can you please fix this?