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Three features; slide to delete, add button down the list of notes, and customize tool bar


Hi Team,

I would like to see features that are pretty common in most macOS products: slide to delete, add button down the list of notes, and customize tool bar. I wanna simplify my life to the minimum, and not having to move to a button on the top to create / delete or switch to my keyboard can free me. Also, I don't wanna see some buttons I never use again, so I would like a feature to drag the icons away (a fairly common feature existing on Mac)

Thank you

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Completely agree with the customization of toolbar idea, which would solve my current gripe:

I've just switched from a PC to a Mac and find myself searching for the Increase/Decrease Indent buttons that I am accustomed to on my pc. I have searched and found that there are keyboard shortcuts for this function; however, I firmly believe the buttons should be added to the tools at the top of each note, near the font, formatting, align left, etc buttons that are already there, the way they are on the PC. I can find a button much easier that I can go "Format>Text>Increase Indent" and much easier than I can memorize yet another keyboard shortcut.

I hope you will consider adding them to the Mac version of Evernote in an update very soon! I have been using Evernote for years and years and am missing this option on the new MacBook.

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