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  1. Hi can we have shortcut button on the side bar also? just one button. Even better, can we have the buttons move to the top of the notes panel (the second column) and when I click on one button, just like clicking on a tab in Safari, i change the content of the second column ONLY? Like the Eclipse IDE, separate panels have their own tabs that controls the content of that panel only. Also the default icons on top can go away for some users, especially the view especially the settings. Settings are note often used after set up. Thank You
  2. Hi Team, I would like to see features that are pretty common in most macOS products: slide to delete, add button down the list of notes, and customize tool bar. I wanna simplify my life to the minimum, and not having to move to a button on the top to create / delete or switch to my keyboard can free me. Also, I don't wanna see some buttons I never use again, so I would like a feature to drag the icons away (a fairly common feature existing on Mac) Thank you
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