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  1. I had a few conflicts between notes recently, so wrote an applescript to call an external diff tool, which saves having to export the notes. It compares the XML version of the note (easy to change to HTML) since the lines in the contents.html note file seemed to be concatenated together. The XML file seem to be more consistent with number of lines. The markup tags are still shown, but should still give an indication of the lines that changed. Hopefully an integrated diff tool might be include in Evernote at some stage (*Applescript to launch a diff tool to compare two notes in Evernote. Useful to compare conflicting notes1. Place the script file in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Evernote2. Ensure Applescript menu bar item is on. Option to turn on/off is under General Preferences in AppleScript Editor3. The variable difftool can be change to any command line tool you require*)-- opendiff launches FileMerge.app developer tool-- /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/FileMerge.app set difftool to "/usr/bin/opendiff"--set difftool to "/usr/bin/visdiff"tell application id "com.evernote.Evernote" try set selected_notes to selection if (count of selected_notes) = 2 then set firstNoteId to my getNoteId(local id of (item 1 of selected_notes)) set secondNoteId to my getNoteId(local id of (item 2 of selected_notes)) set evernoteLibPath to (POSIX path of (path to library folder from user domain as string)) & "Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/" set evernoteUserid to name of (get current account) set contentPath to evernoteLibPath & evernoteUserid & "/content/" -- Noticed HTML file may be identical content, but some lines might be joined together on single long lines, -- so compare Evernote enml XML data file instead do shell script difftool & " '" & contentPath & "/" & firstNoteId & "/content.enml' '" & contentPath & "/" & secondNoteId & "/content.enml'" else display alert "Compare Two Notes:" message "Please select only 2 notes to compare" end if on error error_message number error_number display alert "Compare Two Notes: ERROR" message "Error running script (" & error_number & ") : " & error_message as warning end tryend tellon getNoteId(note_id) set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "/" set the id_items to every text item of note_id set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "" return last item of id_itemsend getNoteId I've also placed it on Github Gist https://gist.github.com/hooli/7699092
  2. Yep, noticed the same problem after upgrading to Mavericks (Evernote Version v5.4.3 Build 402231). Luckily the cursor stays in the same place so can just arrow up or down, but certainly think it's a bug. Mavericks introduced a new "responsive scrolling" feature (see http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/11/after-a-month-of-use-we-dish-out-our-biggest-gripes-with-os-x-mavericks/ ) but probably not connected, since it only happens in the Notes view, and I haven't seen the issue occur in any other app (so far...) Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  3. Blimey... what happened with this update! Just to add my vote - Please bring back horizontal List View Like previous posters have mentioned, this has just crippled List View. I also wasn't aware there was a poll on this change since rarely use the forum. Natural language goes from left to right (and also right to left) so having it vertical means you can't see any of the content of the 9 columns you could have in the list view, and if you did expand it out, then you loose the real estate in the displayed note itself - insane !!! I'll have to translate all my notes to Japanese so I can have a top to bottom language orientation for the new list view
  4. Got the same issue on my iMac - logs a lot of errors in the console. Raised a support ticket. I presume Apple is clamping down on the Spotlight / mdworker plugins to ensure that files are only opened read only (which is all they should need). Guess the Evernote code is still opening it read / write. Be nice to fix, since it is filling up the console.
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