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  1. As a developer, I am sympathetic to the idea that people don't like change and that when you try to make improvements in software there are bound to be people who will complain no matter what. I have certainly been on the uncomfortable end of complaints about workflow changes that I have been involved with where I think that users didn't really understand the value of the change, or didn't give the new way a chance because they had a knee-jerk response against any kind of change. I just want to caution you evernote / skitch admin folks against applying that reasoning to the outcry in this thread. You didn't make progressive and useful changes to Skitch which people have yet to understand or give a chance to. You replaced Skitch with a wholly crappy screenshot application and then called it Skitch. A few weeks ago, when I got my new retina MBP, since Skitch did not give me easily usable screenshots, I went shopping for a new screenshot app that would, and so I tried out most of the apps out there. While I ended up back with Skitch 1.x (using it with an external monitor so I can create usable screenshots without having to manually re-scale them) because none of the other apps were better, from a usability perspective and not in terms of comparison with Skitch 1.x but evaluated on its own, Skitch 2.0 compares VERY unfavorably with every single app I tried. In other words, for me for now, Skitch 1.x with an external monitor still the best solution for me for making screenshots. After that, any of a number of the other apps I auditioned. Last place in my hierarchy of usefulness would be Skitch 2.0. It really sucks. Really. P.S. FWIW, I can sympathize with complaints about the enforced evernote integration, but I use and like evernote (although it seems to be getting a bit bloated lately...) and don't really mind that aspect for my own purposes.
  2. Just adding my .02: I have been using Skitch since earliest beta. Version 2.0 is not just a step backward, it's a totally different, VASTLY inferior app. It has nothing to do with Skitch, other than slapping the name "Skitch" on a completely different and pretty crappy and limited screenshot app. Honestly, it's pretty shockingly bad. The right direction for an upgrade would have been to keep all the existing great features - e.g. being able to FTP to any server, being able to quickly choose among many different image formats for what you drag out of the window, etc., and make the UI less cartoonish and more mac-ish, and FIX the broken stuff like there not being any way to automatically re-size retina screenshots so they are immediately usable in web and email without having to do manual re-sizing. Instead we get a new app altogether that kills many of the killer features that people depend on, leaves the broken stuff broken, and somehow manages to become an even clunkier UI. Nice work. I downgraded via Time Machine and am now actively looking for a new screenshot utility that will give me the features and ease of use that Skitch used to, prior to v 2.0.
  3. When I try to use Skitch to create a screenshot on my new rMBP, the pixel dimensions of the resulting screenshot are much larger than the image I am trying to create. To be precise, when I do a crosshair capture with Skitch, the little readout beneath the crosshairs during the capture will say for example, 300x300 and then after releasing the crosshairs to perform the screenshot, the image that is then displayed in Skitch is 600x600. If I drag that same image to the desktop (as a PNG) and open it in Preview, it is 1200x1200 @ 144 (actually, 143.99) dpi. I assume that this is the result of the pixel-doubling technology that is built into the low-level OS X graphics routines for the retina display. This is making Skitch un-usable for me. What would be great is a preference in Skitch for automatically re-sampling images captured from a retina display such that they would be rendered as if they had been captured at the original pseudo-pixel size (in this example, 300x300) @ 72 dpi resolution. That would make the images compatible with sending in an email, posting on a website, etc. Is this on your radar or already in development?
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