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  1. As a developer, I am sympathetic to the idea that people don't like change and that when you try to make improvements in software there are bound to be people who will complain no matter what. I have certainly been on the uncomfortable end of complaints about workflow changes that I have been involved with where I think that users didn't really understand the value of the change, or didn't give the new way a chance because they had a knee-jerk response against any kind of change. I just want to caution you evernote / skitch admin folks against applying that reasoning to the outcry in this thre
  2. Just adding my .02: I have been using Skitch since earliest beta. Version 2.0 is not just a step backward, it's a totally different, VASTLY inferior app. It has nothing to do with Skitch, other than slapping the name "Skitch" on a completely different and pretty crappy and limited screenshot app. Honestly, it's pretty shockingly bad. The right direction for an upgrade would have been to keep all the existing great features - e.g. being able to FTP to any server, being able to quickly choose among many different image formats for what you drag out of the window, etc., and make the UI less carto
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