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  1. I've typed stuff for so many years it seems to have the same link as writing for me. I also use mind-maps - and i find they have to be done on a computer otherwise the process of developing them is too painful to recall the information. I'm intrigued by the LiveScribe and have been for some time. Now, if it could transcibe the audio recording to text and add it to the note, I'd buy one like a shot.
  2. I've relied on using ScanSnap OCR to create the documents, and out of 5,000 pages I've found every single thing I've searched for so far - and I've searched a lot, just to prove to myself it works.
  3. I have so far shredded or recycled about a three foot high pile of paper. I've retained a pile less than an inch thick. That contains a couple of sentimental things, and a few things I need the original paper for. In the UK the sale of goods act states that you don't need a receipt, just evidence of purchase, so the credit card statement is good enough (also "where on that sign does it say can't be a scanned copy?") About the only things I have left that isn't an actual book is the paperwork for the mortgage and ownership of my house, my passport, my driving license (has a paper component in Europe), and the supporting docs for this years tax return. Oh, and a few cheque books. I'm secretary of a club and told the committee I was going digital and if they didn't want the originals of 30 yaers of minutes and redords destroyed they needed to find storage or them. They're getting DVDs each next week. The rest is either shredded or recycled. And treasurer of another club, and those records have been almost entirely digital from the start, so it was only a few dozen paper invoices that had to be scanned. I killed my shredder in the process and had to buy another one. Seriously.
  4. Random title.pdf in one folder and use search?
  5. If you have the settings correct, and the correct profile in use when you scan, it will work. The software and settings are identical for the s1500 and s1300 and this works perfectly for me.
  6. Another tip I've discovered is to put all the "single sheet" documents in a separate pile, then switch to scanning each page as a separate PDF to get those in quickly. I've left pretty much all scan settings as default/auto and am happy with the results. Much better than some scanned documents at work I have to use that aren't properly in focus.
  7. My solution to this is to use Evernote in a GTD manner, but not to make it the sole source of organisation. I tag stuff in Evernote as "@action", "@waiting", "@incubate" and my own tag of "@could-do", and use this as an input to an actual to-do list that then is either written or as a separate note in EN depending on how I feel. Or, more often, just scan the tags and do that and not do an actual Next Action list at all. A page will typically correspond to a project, in reverse chronological order, with the Next Actions at the top and tags being changed as needed. Some pages can end up with multiple tags. So the "Andy's Land Rover" page has "@incbuate", and an action to renew brake pads/discs before end of september", "@waiting for", to check the diagnostics once I get the firmware upgrade done, "@action" for the outstanding things that need doing and @could-do for fitting some second-hand accessories that have been in the garage for about a year now! Whenever I'm action-oriented or reviewing, I'll see the appropriate tags and look at the page. The "@could-do" tag is used for stuff relating to hobbies - it's more likely to happen than "someday/maybe" but doesn't carry the imperative of "@Action" that I should get up and do it! I.e., stuff I could do if the mood takes me, and should get done time time, but has no real imperative for action. I'm not exactly a model of GTD Black Belt behaviour, though - I don't follow the book religiously, but have adopted the ideas that work for me.
  8. I have cheated on a few documents - I've had a handful of thick, or odd-shaped product manuals. A bit of googling has found the manual available for download, so I've downloaded that instead of trying to figure out how to get the original into the scanner. For the number of magazines I think I can get away with a sharp knife and straight edge rather than spending a lot of money on guillotine that can take 150 pages at a time. The recycle pile is now well over a foot high, and the "to shred" pile is catching up as I get into a box full of pension paperwork. Some stuff is turning up that genuinely can be dropped, but I'm not caring too much about those. As a guideline for anyone else going down this road, that's about 450Mb of data uploaded so far. I think I'm coming up on a "new month" in a week or so, so should be able to keep going for a while. So far it hasn't really shown up as extra space in the room, but that's largely because the untidy pile of "unscannables" and "do not destroy" needs to be put in a new home - rather more tidily! I keep a lot of stuff in Really Useful Boxes and their 9 litre size box holds two reams of A4/letter size paper quite neatly. My target is for the "retain" pile to fit into one box, from about 8-10 boxes, plus 8-10 ring binders. The only exception is two smaller boxes for original old photos, and original family documents, that will be scanned and restored to the box - and my mother can get the photos back when I'm done with those.
  9. Well, after much thought, I bit the bullet and my ScanSnap s1500 arrived yesterday evening. Just as a part time thing I've scanned a pile of paper almost a foot thick. I'm really pleased with the speed, quality of scans, and integration with Evernote. I'm also throwing a copy of everything to a local NAS drive to have a second copy, and anything confidential is only going to a local folder in Evernote (I can live without my bank statements on my phone as well!!) I've taken a calculated risk with a couple of documents I want to have off-line - most notably my home insurance policy details!! The only thing it's barfed on is a test of cutting the spine off a magazine and scanning it - I think because it wasn't very straight. Old magazines might need a better approach (or a sharper knife and a straight edge). I don't think my 1Gb allowance is going to hold up very long at this rate. A satisfied customer!
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