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  1. I've typed stuff for so many years it seems to have the same link as writing for me. I also use mind-maps - and i find they have to be done on a computer otherwise the process of developing them is too painful to recall the information. I'm intrigued by the LiveScribe and have been for some time. Now, if it could transcibe the audio recording to text and add it to the note, I'd buy one like a shot.
  2. My solution to this is to use Evernote in a GTD manner, but not to make it the sole source of organisation. I tag stuff in Evernote as "@action", "@waiting", "@incubate" and my own tag of "@could-do", and use this as an input to an actual to-do list that then is either written or as a separate note in EN depending on how I feel. Or, more often, just scan the tags and do that and not do an actual Next Action list at all. A page will typically correspond to a project, in reverse chronological order, with the Next Actions at the top and tags being changed as needed. Some pages can end up with
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