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  1. Well, on Tuesday night I created a ticket in customer support but still no response. It seems that paid subscribers have access to the history of edits in a note. It seems that this is the only option for today to get something out of the corrupted notes. Because everything is displayed normally in the history. But this is a kinda crooked way for those who use free accounts, - to pay to get their "property" (texts and so on) back. This is some kind of strange coding. If you paste that corrupted text into a search engine, it will pull out some words and sentences.
  2. (just maybe) AND in notes created with third-party tools. Notes that were created "manually" (typed by hand) or created through a Evernote Web Clipper do not have such problems.
  3. Thank you for your response! I have reported the issue to support. Yes, the text that is now displayed with errors was mostly in Ukrainian (tweets in english are fine). I don't risk opening other (older) notes to check it in more detail, so that the text doesn't change there as well. Until I get some kind of response from the support team.
  4. Hmm. Isn't this a user support board? I must have posted in the wrong place, though. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the answer! I know that this is not an IFTT support board, it was just mentioned as a prerequisite. The thing is that the text (or its encoding?) was changed not only in the current (active?) note (where marked messages are written), but also in the previous one, where the recording of messages stopped long ago. But then again, a few days ago, the text there was fine. And another thing: if you go to Note History and select any date (even the last one), the text is displayed... Normal. This is a screenshot of the same place from the note as in my first post in this thread. But in Note History menu.
  6. For years, I've been using the IFTT service to place notes in my notebook that have been marked as "favorites" on Twitter. A note is created and all the messages that have been marked as favorites are thrown into it. When a certain limit is reached, a new note is created and everything is repeated. But today I noticed that the text of the note was changed. The screenshot shows the date of the first entry in the current note, September 28, 2022. And a few days ago, the entire text of the note was fine. And today it looks like something strange. I opened the previous file with the notes, and the same thing happened. All the text is converted to these &#1110 characters. I'm already afraid to open the other notes, expecting that the text will change there too. Is there any way to fix this?
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