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  1. Thanks! This is probably a better home for the project. Is there anyone else who might be interested in this kind of study of Evernote as a "2nd Brain" for students? Thanks a ton! -Daniel
  2. Hey guys! I'm just a newbie into the Evernote world, but I'm drinking in videos and ebooks like there's no tomorrow. My girlfriend and I working with a research project here at the University here in New England (as students/researchers) with the aim to use Evernote (and a few other tools) as a "2nd Brain" for incoming freshman. It involves integrating an Evernote system of "Best Practices" so that the technology tools help us reach our goal. The goal? Better grades, better productivity, and a better way to learn / work with data. In other words - what many of you guys are GREAT at If you're experienced on Evernote and understand "best practices" that might be functional, I'd love to let you be a part of this project! Please email my girlfriend here: laurendambra@my.uri.edu Developing a functional, efficient, flexible "framework" for Academics is an ART, and I know many of you ar much better artists than the random few Grad Students we have were working on this project! Thanks so much I look forward to learning with you! Best, -Daniel
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