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  1. You wrote ... Nice try to use different browsers for the web client - but an access registered on Firefox will not show in Chrome. Chrome will show itself to EN as another "device". Bang, violation, where is the issue now ? EN did everything right, it just counted what was going on, and kicked in. I was not "trying" to do anything. I'm on my desktop, which is ONE device, and happened to be online with Firefox one day and Chrome the next. NOwhere does it say that Evernote counts different BROWSERS on the SAME computer as separate devices. That was some kind of wrong on their part.
  2. Yes, I've gathered all of that, and thanks for your answer. I've been on Evernote with off and on use for many years, and watched it improve with some great features only to have those features taken away. I'm ALL for adding the features and telling everyone, here they are in this upgraded level. But it just feels stinky to give us the features saying they are free, let us save a ton of notes and become reliant on the app, and then take those things away, moving them to an upgraded level. Like a bait and switch. It was inadvertent use of one browser vs the other yesterday, Evernote did NOT recognize my same IP address on the desktop and kicked me out even tho I had removed it from my Android and was following the rules. So, bait and switch and then forced me out.
  3. I was rebuilding and cleaning up notes and turns out I had Evernote on my Android phone, iPad, and use the Web Client. I successfully unsynced from the Android phone, leaving (correctly) my iPad & the desktop. I used Firefox to log in yesterday and was on my iPad earlier...all was good! Then, today, I used Chrome to log in on Evernote (same website tho!) and it flagged me as using a 3rd device! When it told me to unsync, I chose "unsync a device" not understanding yet what was going on ... I could see TWO web clients (must have been Firefox yesterday, Chrome today) along with the iPad. But what??? It's the same exact desktop, I have no other! Because, in my cleaning up, I had used my 2 syncs, it forced a log out of my desktop web page ... SO, I went back to my iPad and it forced the exact same logout of my iPad! So frustrating! I was only on two devices, just one device doesn't have the app and I was logging in on the website. Come on. Now I see in order to get live chat or any kind of support from Evernote, I have to upgrade for it ... Srsly, you gave me a beautiful customizable home page, then took it away. You limited my note sizes, and continue to take things away from me and force me out of my own legit devices ... to force a dollar??? Doing this to thousands of us, no doubt. Funny thing, through my cleaning up my own notes this week I was thinking I liked the app (even with your shenanigans) to go ahead and subscribe ... now this, forcing me. Not any more. I am sorry, fellow evernote users, for the rant. I'm just so frustrated. If anyone is still with me, is there any undoing this besides paying for a month and then transferring all my info to another app?
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