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  1. KingTommy's post in when I logout and login, all my notes are missing was marked as the answer   
    The core issue is YinXiang uses different name schema, So the EN database can't be recognized.
    You can get out of the trouble to follow below steps:
    1. Switch off the internet access
    2. Find the location of database files. Generally, it lies in "C:\Users\your username\Yinxiang Biji\Databases" with ".exb" as suffix.
    3. Replace the "robin_rhu#app.yinxiang.com.exb" with the EN one.
    4. Open YinXiang desktop, Now, all the notes appear again. Export all notes as a ".enex" file.
    5. Import the generated ".enex" file and move the unsynchronized files into the correct directory one by one.
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