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  1. Apologies if there is one, but this is a list of the bugs that are driving me nuts and if not fixed I will, sadly, leave:

    iOS bugs

    • Copying a bullet causes it to disappear and cannot be pasted
    • Sometimes note titles are muddled up with note contents
    • Images from iOS Photos often do not import and are not visible
    • Clearing the cache doesn't always work
    • Font size cannot be changed (even though it can here!) and makes it hard to use
    • Shared notes cannot be deleted and often cause syncing errors
    • Support only has one answer: reinstall
    • Odd font sizes compared to desktop versions
    • Note lists can suddenly become blank or display huge gaps
    • Background syncing doesn't work
    • Recent notebooks doesn't work consistently
    • Tables are a joke
    • Wrote a note using stylus and it was completely lost

    Mac bugs

    • Stretched images
    • No strike through button (unlike above or in windows)
    • Inline viewing doesn't work consistently 
    • Can't edit PDFs
    • Massive data loss if you scroll too fast
    • Preview of notes does not always appear in the Sidebar
    • Pasting text from a note header into a table causes the table to malfunction and text not to appear
    • Delete column doesn't work (I know!)
    • Images clipped from iPhone now showing sideways in the main notebook view (correctly in the sidebar)
    • Cannot un-bold some bullets
    • Copy and pasting a group of bullets only pasted one of them
    • Drop down menu for notebooks randomly disappears when trying to move a note to another notebook
    • View inline does not work properly, and when importing them the setting is not remembered
    • Note contents that are in shortcuts do not show up in the main window, you have to go into the relevant notebook and select it for it to display
    • Notes you are working on just disappear from the main window (only visible online) even thought he sidebar shows some of the text
    • Adding hyperlink often doesn’t work
    • View inline does not work on import
    • Notes randomly disappear (especially when syncing)
    • Annotation doesn’t work on long PDFs - the text will not load properly and boxes cannot be drawn, they jump around
    • Annotations can’t print - they all try to exist on one page that gets infinitely long and hard to read
    • Zooming annotations corrupts text

    Windows bugs

    • Emailed images are often stretched
    • Dragging note to shortcut bar deleted it
    • Order of shortcuts will not stick
    • Sync changes keep regressing
    • Using dashes to produce a straight line no longer works.
    • All text notes changed to the default font and size when installing causing all notes (thousands) to be in the wrong format
    • Moving a folder created a stack I didn't ask for
    • Cannot remove a notebook from a stack
    • Font preferences are not saved and don't work
    • Dragging icons to the tool bar doesn't work
    • Moving tags up the hierarchy rarely works
    • Search is USELESS
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