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  1. Once again, cannot edit PDFs in this version. Which is one of the features I pay to be able to use. This STILL is a bug.
  2. Having double checked, it doesn't work. On any device. Or online.
  3. Cannot believe still not possible. I can't see how this is difficult to code.
  4. Same problem and I've cancelled my subscription as a result.
  5. Same problem. It's quite annoying given I pay for Evernote.
  6. I have the same problem. It’s a bug.
  7. Same problem and it's driving me nuts. Makes using the share sheet pointless in iOS. So it's not fixed.
  8. This, again, seems to be something you can do on one platform (Windows) but on no others.
  9. Major problem remains: notes not showing in main window - or sometimes very long wait for them to appear. Cannot edit PDFs - still rubs up against Mac OS issue.
  11. It's ridiculous that there are so many fundamental design differences on Mac and Windows. And, ironic that it's an option on this web editor but not the Mac App. Do Windows users need to strikethough more than Mac users?
  12. Delete column doesn't work in a table. Cannot reduce column width beyond a certain (fairly wide) point.
  13. If you cut the full bullet (tripple click) then you cannot paste it.
  14. Cut and paste bullets doesn't work. PDF editing doesn't work. Still causes a duplicate file to be created. This is UTTERLY maddening.
  15. My point is I've been waiting years and things are getting worse, not better. And the product shouldn't require constant reinstallation for £40 a year. So I'm giving it until Christmas. I'm already playing around with OneNote, sadly.
  16. Apologies if there is one, but this is a list of the bugs that are driving me nuts and if not fixed I will, sadly, leave: iOS bugs Copying a bullet causes it to disappear and cannot be pasted Sometimes note titles are muddled up with note contents Images from iOS Photos often do not import and are not visible Clearing the cache doesn't always work Font size cannot be changed (even though it can here!) and makes it hard to use Shared notes cannot be deleted and often cause syncing errors Support only has one answer: reinstall Odd font sizes compared to desktop versions Note lists can suddenly become blank or display huge gaps Background syncing doesn't work Recent notebooks doesn't work consistently Tables are a joke Wrote a note using stylus and it was completely lost Mac bugs Stretched images No strike through button (unlike above or in windows) Inline viewing doesn't work consistently Can't edit PDFs Massive data loss if you scroll too fast Preview of notes does not always appear in the Sidebar Pasting text from a note header into a table causes the table to malfunction and text not to appear Delete column doesn't work (I know!) Images clipped from iPhone now showing sideways in the main notebook view (correctly in the sidebar) Cannot un-bold some bullets Copy and pasting a group of bullets only pasted one of them Drop down menu for notebooks randomly disappears when trying to move a note to another notebook View inline does not work properly, and when importing them the setting is not remembered Note contents that are in shortcuts do not show up in the main window, you have to go into the relevant notebook and select it for it to display Notes you are working on just disappear from the main window (only visible online) even thought he sidebar shows some of the text Adding hyperlink often doesn’t work View inline does not work on import Notes randomly disappear (especially when syncing) Annotation doesn’t work on long PDFs - the text will not load properly and boxes cannot be drawn, they jump around Annotations can’t print - they all try to exist on one page that gets infinitely long and hard to read Zooming annotations corrupts text Windows bugs Emailed images are often stretched Dragging note to shortcut bar deleted it Order of shortcuts will not stick Sync changes keep regressing Using dashes to produce a straight line no longer works. All text notes changed to the default font and size when installing causing all notes (thousands) to be in the wrong format Moving a folder created a stack I didn't ask for Cannot remove a notebook from a stack Font preferences are not saved and don't work Dragging icons to the tool bar doesn't work Moving tags up the hierarchy rarely works Search is USELESS
  17. I have the same problem, mainly from snapshots and imported images from iPhoto. I have contacted support 4 times and there has been no solution other that "reinstall" and that doesn't work. It got worse in the last 2 updates. Example attached. It's maddening.
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