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  1. I have jut cut out a part of a page from a PDF file and then pasted it into my note.
  2. This is ridiculous! I don't understand why this feature has been removed!
  3. Hello, I used to prepare notes inserting some snapshots of PDF files into them. Today, when I tried to print the notes it turned out that instead of an images I have a mark "PDF attachement" or something like that. How can I print my notes with these images included? Without that my notes become useless.... Thank you in advance for your help! -P.
  4. I would like these attributes to be printed on every page in its footer or header.
  5. Just basic information like the name of the note, date, page number. As I said I used Evernote to collect notes from lectures at university. I have a notebook for every year of curriculum. Inside of it there are my notes with tags defining course name. Sometimes my friends ask me to share notes from a specific course and then it is very inconvenient to copy link for every note.
  6. Hello, I am thinkings about three ideas which may improve Evernote experience. I am a student at university, I use Evernote and those improvements would make my life easier printing headers - I wish I could add some information about printed notes to header and/or footer of the page; sharing tags - I wish I could share with friends notes which have specified tag; styles - I wish I could use in evernote notes some styles like Heading 1, Heading 2, quote etc. I believe these additional functions may be very useful. Best regards, pyrgus
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