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  1. I had entered in the forum today in order to open a thread asking for this...and I found there was one yet created!! I think is a very important thing in order to simplify the workflow using Evernote. I just installed OneNote in order to test if it had that feature, and works really well, so it's the nicely possible at least in the iOS side (don't know the Evernote software side). It's very convenient and faster than having to send the files by mail. Please, consider adding this, not only to the iPad version for the incoming iPad pro, but for iPhone version also.
  2. reading you and HerbyDE, I'm almost certain that I should thank Evernote team for letting me out What a curious implementation the zoom feature from what you say :s
  3. At last, after so many requests, we get the zoom feature in Penultimate...sadly, those of us with an ipad 1gen are out in the cold, since zoom is only supported in iOS 6 or later. Come on guys! That's a feature in a lot of handwriting apps that you can use in iOS 5 (myself using Upad instead of Penultimate for elaborated notes just because that) so it shouldn't be soooo difficult to turn it of for us! It has been a big disappointment for me. My ipad is still working very well so it's clear I'm not gonna change it for a new version just because Penultimate, so I'll have to stick with Upad and a workaround instead of automatic sync with Evernote.
  4. Maybe you could add to this list putting Search in main screen? I know this isn't a bug, but I think many of us foind disturbing needing to enter into Notebooks, Tags or another section just to search when this is one of the most important (and publicity) features in EN.
  5. I hope, as you say, is just a bug. Other way, I couldn't understand it :s Let's keep the faith in the green elephant. It has save me so many times it just deserves my faith
  6. In the new version of EN for ios7...have they deleted the "intitle" search option or it's just my EN software doing wrong? If so...are there more eliminated grammar options for search? And why? Reading other threads, I have discovered they've eliminated the Places option and other features, and that drives me to one question: why? I mean, please, don't understand this as a criticism, but just a real question. I understand they make changes, for example in the new interface, and some of us will like them and some not. Everyone has his likes, so ok with that. But...why do they quit functions and features when they upgrade their software? I remember something similar happens before (can't remember which version) with view options, and after a while they introduced them again, so maybe I can get again my intitle search option,but cannot understand why to eliminate features,and even those you could say are important ones, like grammar options search, places... I just can understand it. Maybe someone could explain me please? I'm confused...
  7. My vote for this too. It would be great!!
  8. Well, I can say now that my iPad 1 is old, since I can't install new EN version I think in a previous update the same happened and after a few days there was a new update that worked in older devices. I wish this happens again, but I think this time my faithful iPad won't be lucky, since it seems this update is bounded to its 7. Anyone in same situation?
  9. Sadly, as far as I know, there is no way to do it.
  10. I think he's talking about adding a PDF to Penultimate, not to Evernote, in order to hanwrriting annotate it as you can do now with jpgs. I also like this idea.
  11. I have the same problem. It never recognizes my words.
  12. Yes, you could search and read PDF files into Evernote notes. And even search text into this files (although can't remember if this for premium users or for everybody). For what I have talked to others, many people are beginning to use EN and Goodeader in the way we talking about. Maybe your idea EN buying Goodreader in order to get more integration between them is a good one (although is easy for us to think things like that, given isn't our money )
  13. Glad I could help you. I also used Evernote and Goodreader: first one to get all my files and notes together in one place, search them quickly and having them accessible from all my devices, and second one to documents I'm using (work in progress) and need highlights and sidenotes. But take care: Evernote works "as Dropbox" just in desktop version. In iOS, if you open a text document from EN to Pages, you get a copy of your document, and after making all the changes, you have to send it back to EN. Hey Apple, when a documents gallery in iOS just as we have an Images gallery?
  14. Hi realestate. As far as I know, you can't access two EN accounts at the same time on the same device. But, as you said, you can exit from one of them and log in into another. In iOS you just touch the shield icon in the upper left corner, and in the displayed menu, at the right of the word "ACCOUNT" you have a button to exit. But be careful, I don't know what happens to cached notes. Another way you could resolve this problem is having one premium account. It allows you to have shared notebooks from one account to another. But, of course, it takes some money (worth one, if you ask me). Hope this helps.
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