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  1. This is an advice for the Business community: Export Notes and Attachments on a regular basis if you don't want to lose ALL your business notes. Read this and you will understand how my business has lost 15 thousands notes because of EN payment failure. Even if the title reflects my current thoughts about EN, its not mine... Jeff
  2. So our Business subscription was canceled and… All business notes were wiped out from all our devices, Macs, iPhones, web… Well in fact there is not even a trace that I ever subscribed to Evernote so called Business. Over 15 thousands notes and their attachments just vanished. What is interesting here is where did I signed and agreed that all my business notes were the sole property of Evernote Zurich GMBH? I assume here that even if I have signed and agreed to such a deal, where none of our precious work would be our property, this is totally against E.U. Laws on intellectual property. I'm taking the issue with them but follow my advice and NEVER go to "business" and stay to PRO or free cause Business account just get wiped along with all notes if you (they) have a payment issue!
  3. Eric, I assume my decisions, I was the one who decided to use EN for documents handling and archiving, I take life as it comes and I refuse to stress myself or get cornered by a small issue such as this "impossible to pay" problem... I loved EN from the beginning and as you can see for the small amounts of my posts my issues with them were always handled properly. Now companies change, Evernote like the rest, and there is no dedicated channel for Business payment, big mistake. I have already exported a huge amount of attachments to Dropbox thanks to EN's tag filtering and frankly it's gonna be much easier for all of us to handle all docs from this platform. Now one is always reluctant to changes things because of the hassles during the migration from one system to an other. I like the challenge and even if my business has nothing to do with technology and cloud based solutions I just like to tune and modify the best possible system for our daily use. the multi platform OneNote is absolutely great, they have learned a lot in the past 10 years or so and for instance the iPad app and the business card scanning are absolutely great and totally free. My mistake, and again I assume it totally, was to use Evernote for digital documents handling, and this issue gives me an opportunity to move to something better. I'm pretty sure that Evernote will find a way to charge one of my cards even after the deadline, but unfortunately it's already too late but I might even keep one premium account afterwards - till I get all the notes I want into OneNote - but the Business account is gone. BTW maybe a good solution would be an hybrid one; Docs and files in Dropbox and Notes with Evernote...? Jeff
  4. I get the same email, called bank, tried with 4 other cards including Amex... Openned 3 tickets and got nothing but this stupid message who tells me that my 6 business accounts will be frozen on the 23rd of March... Oh yes, last support message asked me to check with my bank(s) one week after I already did... You know what? I have downloaded OneNote for Mac, opened a Dropbox business account for my team of six accounts, exported all atachements (15 thousands Business notes and 6000 personal) and now I'm quietly moving away from this system who cannot charge 60€ out of a MasterCard. I will gladly explain you how to do the same and how it worked for us if you want to move away from Paid Evernote.
  5. Same here, Opened a ticket with them and just after receiving a review request got an other pls updater your billing info bullshit email. I'm tired of this ***** cause I tried with 3 other cards and same stupid message so I did same as you and checked with bank and used this card in other places without issues. So THEY have a problem processing cards and Im going to export all notes and attachement from our business account and say goodbye to this company too big to understand that they should not give this kind of ***** to business clients who can probably afford a 60€ payment with their ***** business gold cards.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Works like a charm. Was tired to send emails to my EN address...
  7. My HTC One has a note app (pre-installed) that sync with a private EN notebook. You can take photos, record audio and text of course. Now I know I can create notes being offline and app uploads whenever it gets connected. My point is you can do this with third parties apps. Also your second chance might be roaming fees suppressed by EU 1st of July 2014... Good luck anyway.
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