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    Sure did the trick! Tnx!
  2. @Evbro: Did you have a chat with Ifttt? This issue bugs me alot as well and I really hope Ifttt does something with it. Don't like my notes to become worthless if Instagram (or any other service) changes something about the image location.
  3. Search and thou shall find... Thanks!
  4. I like to have some controll over which notes I have shared and not. So I wonder if there is way of finding all notes that have been shared? Of course I could tag all shared notes with "shared note" but thats a hard way. Any search operator that does this?
  5. It seems like the new full version (now in App Store) fixed it. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. Hi I have some trouble since installing the beta. When ever I try to open a Evernote from Spotlight I get this message: It appears like it only affects notes created before the beta. Anyone else havde the same problem?
  7. First of all would I like to apoligize for breaking the first rule of any forum: Search before you ask! I should know better… About.com might be a bit misleading, but they have some good points that everyone using any online storage should consider. And it is true that it don`t matter which service you use so it is a bit shame that they single out Evernote… Evernote have som good reasons for not having this function and, like GrumpyMonkey says, we have good reasons to request it. Nevertheless: JMichael have a great point here: This is a great over-simplification, and misleading. Evernote could encrypt ONLY the note contents & attachments, but NOT the note metadata, like Title, Tags, Dates, and other attributes. This would protect the contents while still allowing very effective searching using the above attributes. This would be quite acceptable and useful. This is an option that Adobe offers when encrypting their PDF files. It should really not be that all difficult… Evernote is an ever evolving tool so we just have to wait and see what happens…
  8. After reading Seven Deadly Sins: Evernote Tips You Should Avoid (http://antivirus.about.com/od/securitytips/a/evernotetip.htm) there is one thing that comes to my mind and that is the level of security Evernote have. If Evernote had the ability to encrypt an entire notebook that would make a big difference. Of course, you can encrypt a text but sometimes that is not enough! This could of course be a Pro-thing. I think that this would take Evernote to a hole new level! FYI: I use 1Password to store all my "Top secret" notes, for the time being…
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