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  1. @PinkElephant I don't expect that the quality of the connection should be an issue. I'm attaching a Speedtest screenshot in case that might be of any help. Many thanks, @John in Michigan USA, I will indeed try running a bare bones alternative browser to check (I am using Chrome). I know it is not related to the notes (because I never add notes, only highlights and tags) and it is not related to size as some of these problems have surfaced on articles as big as thousands of words, or as big as dozens. I will try to catch screenshots and post some back here in the coming days if it comes back. Thanks so much to everyone for lending a hand to help out!
  2. Thank you very much, Kimberly! I just reinstalled the extension as you advised and if the first article I've tested it on is any indication - it has worked! I will write back here in case the problem resurfaces. Meanwhile, I am in touch with the support team in case they might find clues that help others as well.
  3. My apologies if my post was unclear or confusing. Below is an attempt for me to reproduce my experience, I hope it is helpful: 1. I open a random article on the internet; 2. I open the web clipper, which displays over the article 3. I usually use the 'simplified article' format [PROBLEM #1 - Sometimes the console is minimized and I have no way of opening it to the full extent, I click the arrows in the upper right corner but there is no reaction] 4. I read the article and highlight parts that I find interesting or important to remember; [Problem #2 - it sometimes happens to me that in the middle of doing the highlights, the web clipper just decides to shut down and takes me back to the original article. if I just reopen the web clipper, I obviously have to start the highlighting process all over] 5. In the web clipper console, I choose the notebook under which I want the clipping saved ("Save to") 6. In the web clipper console, I choose tags that I want to add to the clipping [PROBLEM #3 - sometimes when I hit 'enter' to add a tag, instead of adding the tag and letting me add a second tag or opting to save the article - the console just closes without actually even saving the clipping, which means that I have to start over] [Problem #4 - beyond the issues described above, sometimes when I do manage to get to the point of clicking 'Save' - it gets stuck at "Saving your clip" and remains like that for minutes on end - which has not always happened] I don't know if it makes a difference, but I have made sure that I am using the latest version of Chrome, in case it might be a compatibility issue. I hope some of this is helpful. I can try to record my screen while doing this and hope to catch the glitches like that. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi! I am quite sure I am referring to the web clipper (the Chrome extension).
  5. I am using Evernote's web clipper as a Chrome extension on my Windows 10 desktop and my Macbook Pro. In both cases, over the last few weeks it often happens to me that the clipper decides to shut down either in the middle of me taking notes and highlights on a particular link, or specifically when I try to change the notebook to which I wish to save a particular set of notes/highlights. It is extremely frustrating, particularly where it refers to long articles I've been reading, because then it brings me back to the start and I have to re-read the article and make the notes from scratch. It really is a deal-breaker for me and I am thinking of cancelling my subscription if this is not fixed soon. Grateful for any advice anyone might have on whether there is something that I am doing wrong, or it's a bug that others have faced as well. Thanks!
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