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  1. That's it. I also solved in the same way. It seems that the problem is due to the 'Classic Interface'. As soon as you move to the new one (you can do through Account Summary > Evernote Web), you can access your notes again. I assume that this is what @evernotehelps mentioned they were working on fix it asap. Or maybe this is just the best way to make users to move to the new I/F. I understand that maintaining different interfaces is more costly.
  2. If counted, it doesn't appear in the device page list. This has changed. I remember to have my mobile, my personal laptop (with windows app) and connecting via web browser in my business laptop. All of them worked with the free user account. Maybe it was a bug just for me, but I worked. BTW... If you have in your windows laptop a heavy client (Windows App) and the Web browser, how many devices are counted? Or even worse, if you use Chrome and Firefox in the same device, both are counted as well? I don't think so, but I could be wrong as I'm not an expert on this topic.
  3. Hi all, I also have the same problem and I opened a thread in a wrong section of this forum. Thanks @gazumped for let me know this is the one to manage this topic. I contacted @evernotehelps account on twitter and they told me that this is a known issue and they are working to solve asap. So it seems that this is not a device limit, either a cache or data problem. Let's wait some days before they solve it :-) BTW.. I know this could be considered as a different topic, but I always thought that Web Client was not considered as a device for counting. Only heavy clientes (Windows APP or Mobile APP). In the Device page, you never see the device if you connect via Web browser. Cheers!
  4. Hi gazumped, thanks for sharing! I did (search before publishing), but it seems that when you are in one forum (General Discussion) it doesn't search in other and that why I didn't get any positive feedback. I will close this, and continue with the other one (in the Possible Bugs/Technical Issues). BTW, I contacted the @evernotehelps account on twitter (recommended in one of the threads while I was searching for this issue in the forum) and they told me that this is a known issue and they are working to solve asap. Regards.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to access my Evernote account using a browser in a laptop, but I can't access to the notes. The login process seems to be OK, but when trying to access to the main notes pages I receive a message asking to contact the support team. This is what I get. I also attach the image. The interesting thing is that I can access from my phone (where the APP is installed), so it seems there could be any issue trying to access from the browser. I've tried with Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge. In all of them, I get the same error message. Any idea what could it be happening? Thanks in advance.
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