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  1. I run EN on macOS in fullscreen. Since upgrading to 6.12.x, clicking "+ New Note in <notebook>" opens the new note window in fullscreen as well (see attached screenshot "New_Note.png"). This is slightly confusing, as there is no obvious way to close the new note and return to the main EN window (in full screen, standard macOS window controls are only shown by moving the mouse pointer up to the top edge of the screen). Prior to 6.12.x, opening an new note would open a non-full screen window; similar to what double-clicking an existing note still does in 6.12.x (see attached screenshot "Existing_note.png"). Is this change to the new note intentional? (and if so, why doesn't opening an existing note by double clicking also open full screen?). In my opinion, the old behaviour (opening notes as smaller, non-full screen windows) is preferred. Or at least provide a user preference (e.g. "Open Note windows full screen (Y/N)"). This is what happens when a note is double-clicked: (Existing_Note.png) This is what happens when "+ New Note in <notebook>" is clicked: (New_Note.png)
  2. I'm seeing the same issue. It often manifests when I enter a code block in the Mac app, then later open that same note in the iOS app, where the code formatting is as described above. This only started with the recent 6.12 Mac update, I believe.
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