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  1. Thanks for the link to the post I wasn't able to find... ;-) Workaround works for me, although a real solution is desirable... (nag nag nag)
  2. When using gmail within chrome and typing text in an email body the clipper (randomly?) springs into action takes screenshots and simply wrecks my nerves... No function keys or anything similar was used, triggering condition occur pretty often, but unfortunately I yet haven't been able to what is causing it. Is this intentional? I surely hope not! Any idea how to avoid it?
  3. I am using FreeMind to manage (minor-scale) projects. Unfortunately inserting the "evernote:/.."-Link the desktop-program provides (Copy link) does not work as FreeMind doesn't recognize that kind of links. However, found kind of a workaround (source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freemind/forums/forum/22102/topic/4954326): Use the web-based evernote and copy the Link you get when selecting a specific note. This one is "https:/"-like and works fine with FreeMind (and Wikidpad and presumably other tools not supporting "evernote:/..."-links) Advantage: Integration of Evernote in FreeMind Disadvantage: Web-Interface instead of desktop-Program means the need to be "always online" (not a real problem for me) Additional question: Is there a way to teach FreeMind and/or Wikidpad to use "evernote:/..."-links"?
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