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  1. I have had my grocery list set up for quite a few years and works for me. I loved the simple checkbox If I need something I check it off when I have it in my cart, I uncheck it. 1. The little check box icon seems to have disappeared in the little RTE. I had to look up how to get to the checkbox and not a check list 2. The issue seems to be when 2 items are checked and find I need to add a new item which I have always done with a simple return and add. Now all the items turn into a checklist and the checked items grayed out. It was not intuitive how to add a new checkbox item to an existing list when I wanted it item 3 out of 5 items. Please change back to the previous way it was. I never want anything a checklist. Or make it easier for those who want the old way so simple.
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