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  1. I think OP means that a dark UI saves battery because many Android devices have AMOLED screens which have energy saving benefits for drawing black pixels. That is a good enough reason for a dark UI, another being that many writers prefer a dark UI for distraction-free writing. A search on google shows this has been requested several times over the years, so it seems like there is definitely demand.
  2. Jeebus Frucking Crisco thank you. Skitch & Skitch Support: get your sh** together.
  3. No matter how I initiate the share, or how many time I delete the account, or prefs, or my keychain file, the popup is the same. I can only log in to evernote. There is no old skool option. I'd share a screenshot to prove it, but the tool I use to take and share screenshots won't let me log into it. Come on guys, this sucks. Still.
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